Branded Links.

A branded link is simply what it is – a custom version of your URL you want to share online  – built around a brand name or related term. Unlike generic shortened links (like or, brands these days prefer to use a link that incorporates their name, associating themselves with the content they share, reinforcing brand awareness and increasing their brand recognition.


Start building a brand and improve your brands image with one of the crucial brand awareness tools. 

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May I change or cancel my subscription?

Credit card subscriptions are month-to-month and may be upgraded, downgraded, or canceled at any time by contacting your dedicated account manager. Changes to your account are immediate.

What happens to my links if I cancel my account?

If you cancel your account, your service will be immediately deactivated and will stop working.

What happens if I reach my subscription limit?

An additional charge will be charged or you can upgrade. However you’re dedicated account manager will keep you updated surrounding your remaining limits on a monthly basis.

What domain shoud I use?

Your primary domain is the best choice to create brand awareness. Alternatively we can register another domain at an additional annual charge. Please take note: You can merely just complete the sign up process and we’ll do everything for you on request.

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