Native Mobile Apps.

Native mobile apps provide fast performance and a high degree of reliability. They also have access to a phone’s various devices, such as its camera and address book. Our Native mobile apps are directly connected with your web application for convenient customization.

No Setup Fee’s

We’ll develop your native application with no upfront costs. This is a complimentary service when having an account.

Publish on Play Store

We’ll ensure your application fits the requirements and gets listed on the Google Play Store.

Push Notifications

Contact clients directly with Push Notifications straight to their phone. Keep customers up to speed conveniently.

Unlimited Downloads

No download restrictions for your customers.


Currently only available for Android

Available Globally

Available globally on the Google Play Store.

Improve customer engagement with your very own mobile app.

Improve Outreach

It's time to establish a 24/7 presence in your customers pocket. Increase your customer relationships with your very own mobile app.

E-commerce Powered

Selling any products? Go next level by having your very own E-commerce store in your customers palm. Send push notifications regarding special offers and news.


Free Development

No setup fees. Free development for your application when choosing one of our Cloud Hosting packages.

Select Package

Select your package suitable for your required needs and complete our secure payment process.

Chill Out

Sit back, relax and pop a cold one while we develop your application.
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This package includes the Basic package with your very own App on the Google Play Store.



Good Value


Premium package with dedicated e-commerce store, added on delivery methods and payment integrations.



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Services included

What native app development do you provide?

We provide native android app development to our customers.

Can I change my app after published?

Indeed we can, our engineers will change any features and settings you request as long as its eligible for your selected package. These changes will be charged to your remaining monthly revision. You can purchase additional revision time at an additional cost.

Will you maintain my app for me?

Yes, we provide hourly revisions monthly to all our clients. The amount of revision hours is based upon your hosting package.

Do I pay for push notifications?

Yes, you only start paying for push notifications if you’re monthly notifications associated with your hosing plan is depleted.

How long will it take to get a application?

Depending on your use case it may take 5-14 days. For Ultimate E-commerce clients it may take up to 20 days.

Dedicated Support

Our dedicated customer support enables you to achieve more in your business.
We provide our clientele with dedicated go-to account managers to handle all
requests. Our one go-to contact person philosophy strives to guarantee quality
customer support wherever you are.

Web Architecture

We integrate your web application with high-end cloud infrastructure from the get go. Enabling you to compete with high demand, capability and customer satisfaction.

Need custom pricing, requests or features?

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