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Meet the Cloud

What do WhatsApp, Google, Facebook and Twitter have in common? They are backed with the best cloud architecture technology to improve user experience. They also have a huge financial roll that enables them to always stay ahead with the latest technology. Your business might not have one or two of these things.

Meet Ciberbuy

Ciberbuy is a pay as you go cloud company that specializes in a variety of cloud based services. Whether it’s building a website, android app, cloud storage or even sending bulk SMS’es, we provide all these services to small and medium businesses globally.
No development fees, pay only for what you use.

Pay as you go

We offer pay as you go cloud services to businesses globally with cost effective pricing and solutions. No matter the size or business, any one can benefit from superior cloud computing technology within their organization.

“Cloud Computing is up to 40 times more cost effective for a Small and Medium Business (SMB), compared to running an in-house IT System.”

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Cloud Hosting
Cloud Security
  • SSL Certifcates
  • Domain Validation (DV)
  • Organization Validation (OV)
  • Extended Validation (EV)

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Earn extra revenue by referring your customers, business colleagues and fellow entrepreneurs to our pay as you go cloud service solution. Partner up with Ciberbuy and receive monthly recurring commission!

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